About Us

Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Muhammadiyah Malang is a newly formed faculty at UMM Rector Decree No. 203/SK-ST/IX/2007 dated 4 September 2007. Faculty was formed in order to organize and encourage the development of the study program Pharmacy, Nursing Science and Study of the D-III program of Nursing. D-III Nursing Program UMM that stood since 1993, by decree of the Head of the Department of Health Education Health Manpower No. HK. dated August 16, 2002 has received accreditation strata and on January 30, 2008 to get back the highest accreditation level based on the decree of the Ministry of Health The Center for Health Education of the Ministry of Health No. HK. with accreditation strata A (90.06).

Experience managing the D-III Nursing education for 17 years and with great encouragement from UMM alumnus makes FIKES establishing Nursing Science Program S1. The study program Nursing FIKES UMM stand by SK Ministry of National Education No. Directorate General of Higher Education. 3368/D/T/2006 dated 4 September 2006 which aims to pass the nursing graduates who are professional and competent in the field of nursing to have the robustness of the intellectual, spiritual depth, high morale, reliable nursing skills with additional capabilities in the field of Emergency Care and Community Nursing so as to compete in the global era.

While the UMM Pharmacy Program was established in 2006 through the establishment license from the Directorate General of Higher Education (Directorate of Higher Education) Ministry of National Education No. 1964/D/T/2006 dated June 16, 2006, has a vision to become the leading pharmacy courses in higher education in the field of pharmacy pharmacy berkeuntungan community-based development of science and technology (Science and Technology) and the Islamic values ??to improve the nation's competitiveness. As new courses, implementation of the Learning Process (PBM) in this study program is fully supported by the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Airlangga. This support mainly from highly qualified faculty Professor, PhD, and graduate S2 is already very experienced in the implementation of the MOU No. PBM appropriate. 100/Jo3.1.20/PP/2006 dated May 12, 2006. Additionally educators also derived from qualified practitioners in accordance with their respective fields.

Making the Faculty of Health Sciences prominent in organizing higher education in science, technology and art (science and technology) health based on Islamic values​​.

Education, the teaching, research and service to the community to produce professional resources in health which have a depth of knowledge and practices of the health sector based on ethics and moral welfare of the world.

  1. Maintaining quality education by always oriented on global developments.
  2. Conducting research and community service oriented health.
  3. Organizing mutual cooperation in order to enhance the growth of science education technology, skills and institutional health.
  4. Produce graduates who are ready to welcome in the world of work as demanded by the global world community.