The expertise of departments are in accordance with the fields study. It shaded by  lecturers to generate future healthcare professional  as a nurse, pharmacist, and physiotherapist. This aim to developing the comprehensive capabilities of student.

1. Nursing department is divided into 8 expertise that consist of:

a. Basic Science Nursing

b. Medical Surgical Nursing

c. Maternity Nursing, 

d. Emergency Nursing

e. Mental Health Nursing

f. Community Nursing

g. Paediatric Nursing

h. Management Nursing

2.  Pharmacy department is divided into 5 expertise that consist of::

a. Clincal Pharmacy

b. Community Pharmacy

c. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

d. Pharmaceutics

e. Pharmacognocy and Phytochemistry

3.  Physiotherapy department is divided into 8 expertise that consist of:a. Neuromuscular

b. Musculoskeletal and Orthopedic

c. Cardiovascular Pulmonaryf.

d.Women Healthe.


f. Geriatric

g. Sport

h. Community