Students and Alumni

There are 800 students of Faculty of Health Sciences UMM who are taking several programs in Nursing Diploma, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Physiotherapy, Professional Nurse Program, Apothecary Program, and Phisiotherapy Profession Program. They come from various regions of Indonesia.

The students can develop their interests and talents by joining Student Organizations under the guidance of lecturers. There are many achievements that have been achieved in the fields of Islamic, sports, arts, and sciences.

By running the program “Pasti Lulus 4 Tahun (Graduate in 4 Years), Pasti Kerja (Get a Job), and Pasti Mandiri (Being Independent), Faculty of Health Sciences UMM committed to educate the students about entrepreneurship. This is an effort of Faculty of Health Sciences UMM to educate students to take part in developing the nation.