To support the teaching and learning process, research activity, and community service, University of Muhammadiyah Malang build up some facilities of:

Campus I
Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang |
Campus I is on Jalan Bandung No.1, used for lectures for the Physiotherapy and Physiotherapist undergraduate study program. Campus 1 is also equipped with a physiotherapy laboratory and a physiotherapy clinic which is open to the general public. Apart from being a lecture room, it is also used for seminar rooms, libraries and offices.
Campus II
Kampus II UMM  
Campus II is located at Jl. Bendungan Sutami 188 A Malang. This building is used for lecture of Nursing Department of S1 and D3 Program, Doctor Education Program, and Pharmacy Department. This buliding has 50 classrooms. Those are used for Lecturing Activity, Library, Computer Library, Ad Dakwah Mosque, Polyclinic, Language Center, the Offices of S1 and D3 Program of Nursing, the Offices of Doctor Education Program, and Pharmacy Department.  

Campus III
 Kampus III UMM 
Campus III is located at Jl Tlogomas no. 246 Malang. This campus is an Integrated Campus. It is as a center of academic and administration. 

UMM Hospital
This hospital is a means of supporting education and is one of the profit centers of University of Muhammadiyah Malang. The location is not far from the hospital 3 UMM Campus is precisely in the east terminal Landungsari. Standing in an area of ​​9 hectares and has a 6 storey high main building and several auxiliary buildings as high as 5 floors and buildings as high as three inpatient floors. The shape of the building is magnificent and luxurious with characteristic Chinese architecture, make this RS UMM easily recognizable.

Center Building of Academic Administration Service
Center building of academic administration service is located at Campus III Jl. Raya Tlogomas 246 Malang. This building is used for Vice Rector I office and Academic Administration Bureau that give a service on administration of academic. Besides, there are  Convention Hall and the Office of New Student Admission Unit (UPT-PMB).

Student Center Building
 Student Center 

This building called as Student Center. It consists of 4 floors with 40 spaces. In this building, the office of Vice Rector III, Student Affairs Bureau, Intra Board Offices (SMPT, BEMFA, SEFA, HMJ, also some other units of activity such as DIMPA, Ikatan Mahasiswa Penulis (IMP), Menwa, Pramuka, KSR, Teater, Ikatan Mahasiswa Muhammadiyah (IMM), Student's English Forum (SEF), etc are located.

General Administration Bureau Building
This building consists of three floors. The first floor is used for Civil Engineering Laboratory while the second one is for the official area of Vice Rector II, General Administration Bureau, Finance Bureau, and Equipment Corner. The last is the third floor used for Meeting Hall in the capacity of 400 people.

Nursing laboratory
Nursing laboratory is integrated laboratory which is a practicum that provides an overview of the hospital so that the image can be accessed by nursing and medicine , even when perhaps other scientific fields .
1 . Laboratory Medical Surgical Nursing .
2 . Laboratory Growth .
3 . Laboratory of Psychiatric Nursing .
4 . Laboratory Emergency Nursing .
5 . Laboratory Child Nursing .
6 . Laboratory of Community Nursing .
7 . Laboratory of Basic Nursing .
Pharmaceutical Laboratory
FARMASI UMM | Trisma Zulita Sari
The integration between theory and practice in courses in pharmacy courses into a single unit that can not be separated . Pharmaceutical laboratories designed to support the theory that students gain practical experience and skills that will be equipped to run a more berkeunggulan pharmacy profession in community pharmacy . In addition, in clinical pharmacy and the pharmaceutical industry or the pharmaceutical industry of natural materials .
Laboratories in the pharmaceutical courses are :
1 . Laboratory Prescription " Pharmacy Education " .
2 . Integrated Chemistry Laboratory II .
3 . Laboratory Formulations Pharmaceutical Preparations .
4 . Laboratory Formulations Sterile Preparations .
5 . Laboratory of Pharmacognosy .

Physiotherapy Laboratory
Prodi Fisioterapi Fikes UMM Lengkap Laboratoriumnya, Juga Buka Praktek Umum Pasien Trauma - Tabloid Mata Hati
1 . Laboratory of Electrical Physics .
2 . Laboratory Manual Therapy .
3 . Laboratory of Paediatrics .
4 . Laboratory Skill Physiotherapy .
5 . Laboratory Pool Therapy .
6 . Gymnasium .

 Perpustakaan Pusat 
UMM has four large libraries with a total size of 5586.72 M2. Central Library is located in the Campus III. The library consists of three floors with a size of 4.690 m2. Library located at Masjid Mosque Fachruddin AR AR Fachruddin Campus ( Campus III ) with a size of 134.32 M2. Perpustakaan Campus II is located in the Campus II ( Jl. Dam Sutami 188 ) with a size of 750 m2. Graduate Campus Library is located in the I ( Jl. Bandung No. 1 ) with a size of 120.4 m2. In addition, there are faculty libraries, each the size of 64 m2. UMM Central Library has been managed by a digital library system ( Dissertations ) which is connected to several libraries, perustakaan both at home and abroad. For East Java there are only two libraries that have been developing a digital library, one of which is the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. Central Library has a collection consisting of books, magazines and journals collections of newspapers, installer CD, CD e -books, and tapes.


  Area Hotspot | Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang 

UMM Fikes has several hotspot facilities. Cool place and good internet speed. In addition, this area can be used as a place for comfortable discussion and doing group assignments

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