Fikes UMM Presents Occupational Health Specialists of Nebraska, USA

Thursday, March 05, 2015 15:24 WIB

Berita UMM
Chandran Achutan, Ph.D., was giving a guest lecture in front of lecturer and students of Fikes UMM.
Malang- Fikes UMM continue the tradition of presenting academic experts in the field of health as a guest lecture at the beginning of the semester. In the period of the second semester of the academic year 2014/2015 turn Candran Achutan, PhD. expert from the University of Nebraska, Omaha, USA which gives a guest lecture entitled "Occupational Safety and Health in the Healthcare Setting". The guest lecture was attended by 250 participants include students from the nursing department of the D-3, S-1 Nursing study program, department of Education Profession nurses, Prodi Pharmacy and Physiotherapy study program. This work was conducted in Kyai Ahmad Dahlan Hall UMM Inn. Students were enthusiastic to follow the activities, it appears some students question the potential hazard associated with the workers in the USA, and how the US government's role in providing health coverage to all citizens. Informants said that in the USA the government guarantees health of the entire community.

The day before this guest lectures, speakers discussed with faculty and university leaders who in this case was attended by the Head of International Relationship Office UMM Dr. Abdul Haris, MAg was accompanied by Drs. Soeparto, also attended by the dean at Fikes ie dean, assistant dean 1 and 3, as well as the head of the International Relationship Unit Mr Edy Purwanto, MNG. When first entering the UMM campus, speakers amazed by the beauty of the white UMM campus he said "it is wonderful campus..very nice UMM". Discussions with leaders walk with warm discuss related strengthening of cooperation between UMM and Nebraska University. This activity ended with a visit to the American Corner in the central library UMM.

After a lecture session followed by a mini-workshop sessions between all lecturers Fikes UMM with sources to agree on a model of cooperation in the field of other research and writing of the manuscript publication and further studies lecturer. This event finally ended with an apple orchard owned travel UMM.